Use of oral DAA-based regimens in HIV-HCV co-infected patients in a real life setting - interim analysis from the ANRS CO13 HEPAVIH cohort

Background: It is widely recommended to treat chronic hepatitis C in HIV co-infected patients, considering its worse evolution and prognosis in these patients. Several new oral direct active agent (DAA)-based regimens can be used, with often quite similar antiviral activity.
Methods: HIV-HCV co-infected patients enrolled in the ANRS CO13 HEPAVIH cohort who initiated an oral DAA-based regimen were included. We report safety, end of treatment (EOT) response and sustained virologic response (HCV-RNA < 15 UI/mL) at 12 weeks (SVR12).
Results: We included 245 patients, of those, 133 patients reached EOT (54%) and 62 patients SVR12 (25%). Median age was 53 years [IQR: 49-55], 78% were male, 98% were on antiretroviral therapy (ART), 90% had an HIV viral load < 50 copies/mL, and median CD4 was 530/mm3 [IQR: 310-715]). Sixty-nine percent of the patients were cirrhotic, and 71% had failed to respond to previous treatment. HCV genotype (Gt) repartition was as follows: Gt1, 58%; Gt2, 4%; Gt3, 13%; Gt4, 25%.HCV-RNA was undetectable at the end of treatment (EOT) in 99% of the patients (95% confidence interval (CI): 96%-100%) and global SVR12 was 90% (CI: 80-96). Overall, EOT response was 100% in both non-cirrhotic and cirrhotic patients. Two premature stops for safety reasons were observed.EOT and SVR12 according to baseline characteristics and DAA prescribed regimen are presented in Table 1.
Table 1: Proportion of patients with EOT and SVR12 according to baseline characteristics and mostly prescribed anti-HCV treatment regimen

Cirrhotic statusGenotypeMost frequent combinations and durationsUndectable HCV viral oad at EOT (%, n/N)SVR 12 (%, n/N)
non cirrhotics1SOF + DCV 12W100% (7/7)100% (2/2)
non cirrhotics1SOF + LDV 12W100% (2/2)-
non cirrhotics1SOF + DCV 24W100% (4/4)-
non cirrhotics3SOF + PR 12W100% (2/2)100% (1/1)
non cirrhotics4SOF + LDV 12W100% (2/2)-
 4SOF + DCV 12W100% (3/3)100% (1/1)
Cirrhotics1SOF + DCV 24W100% (36/36)89% (17/19)
Cirrhotics3SOF + DCV 24W100% (6/6)100% (2/2)
Cirrhotics4SOF + DCV 24W100% (8/8)100% (3/3)
[Table 1]

DCV: Daclatasvir; LDV: Ledipasvir; PR: Pegylated interferon-ribavirin; SOF: Sofosbuvir; W: Weeks.

Conclusions: In this real-life prospective french national cohort, oral-DAAs based regimens showed high efficacy and excellent tolerability in HIV-HCV co-infected patients in a large variety of clinical settings.

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